The Team

D.K. Smith, Co-Founder

D.K. has been an Ecommerce and Digital Marketing consultant since 1998. He began using WordPress for affiliate and personal websites in early 2005, and started rolling out WordPress sites for clients mid-year.

His security background goes back decades. In 1988 a U.S. defense contractor called him about working with a piece of Air Force equipment.  Before they could deliver it, they required a full background check. D.K. told his client to let them know that while working as a TV news videographer for CBS, he covered the White House Tour of the First Lady of the United States.

Sure that he'd eventually receive clearance, D.K. was surprised when his client called back twenty minutes later saying, "They said you're okay. What time tomorrow do you want the ordnance delivered?"  The next day a small air-to-air missile arrived at his office... minus the part that goes boom!

Always security conscious, D.K. became even more serious after several of his SEO company's sites were hacked back in 2007. Since then he has led the development of many WordPress security measures, culminating in the "Multiple Layers of Security" techniques we employ today.

Tammie Bernal, Co-Founder

Tammie is an active and successful affiliate marketer. She has used WordPress from the start and none of her sites have been hacked.

Tammie's security experience began when she passed an FBI background investigation and received "Top Secret" security clearance. Her first job with a defense contractor was Administrator on the Space Warefare Center Operating Systems contract.

Tammie was soon promoted to Operations Planning Coordinator, where she personally developed a manpower tracking system and database that smoothed operations and helped prevent over-tasking.

This success led to a stint as interim Corporate Planning Management Officer and finally to the position of Assistant Facility Security Officer, with co-responsibilty for all classifed material.

The only thing better than top-secret security work is her family. Tammie left the world of defense contracting to start a successful daycare business, which allowed her to spend more time with her own four children.

After helping Tammie secure one of her affiliate sites, D.K. received an email from her several weeks saying, "I re-coded this and did something to that, and came up with this other thing, which I think may be a better solution. What do you think?"  That exchange led to a collaboration that became the WordPress Security Pros.

Security Team, our WP Security Pros

Our team consists of a small group of programmers located in the continental US. In addition to being top professionals in their specialties, each teammate has worked with either D.K. or Tammie for several years.

WP Security Pros coders and developers are required to submit a valid driver's license or US passport, and a background check is conducted by a licensed investigator in their home state.

Each person then signs a notarized confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement that requires them to keep all of our clients' information completely confidential.

Why such stringent procedures?

Keeping hackers out of your site gives D.K. and Tammie more than enough to think about. They decided they'd sleep better knowing exactly who they were working with... and by letting teammates know that they take security very seriously.

Don't hesitate to call or email us if you have any questions about the team and what we can do to secure your WordPress site.