Our Company

We've been helping our ecommerce clients, business associates, neighbor companies, and friends protect their WordPress sites since the spring of 2007.

We have honeypot testing sites running versions as old 1.2.1 Mingus and 1.5.1 Strayhorn (our co-founder collects jazz albums and was first attracted to WordPress by its version names).

Back in 2009 we completed security modifications on our 400th WordPress site and decided it was time to make the service available to the public.

We believe the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

WPSecurity.com is owned by WP Security Pros, Tammie Bernal and D.K. Smith, who manage a small team of trusted coders and programmers.  The hands-on work is done in-house, and we have long-standing contracts with some top coders and programming professionals to better meet specialized security requirements.

When combined, our co-founders and core team have over 80 years of WordPress coding and development, programming, and webmastering experience.

Our mission...
"To protect the World Wide Web from hackers, one WordPress site at a time."
We are real people, not an anonymous web company.

We have families, own homes, have good reputations in our communities, and share the general concerns of the world.  We like to go out and talk with people, and often attend events like WordCamp, Interop, ISTE conferences, and RSA.